About The Land of Alderney Theme Park

The Land of Alderney Theme Park is a virtual theme park based on a series of stores that take place in the imaginary land of Alderney not far from your home. In the park you will be able to meet the characters, visit Captain Peter at the lighthouse, find the clues, solve the riddles, play the games and much more. Although we are just getting started as our membership grows we to will be expanding the park with more to do and see. Members will also be invited to comment on what areas of the park we will be working on next. So be a founding member supporter, buy your pass today and get ready to have fun!

How Do I Get In The Park?

At the Admission Booth your parents can assist you to join the club for free. To get inside the Land of Alderney Theme Park, your parents must purchase and activate your pass to park. If you’re new to the park you can also qualify to receive a special Welcome Kit.

Read The Book To Play The Games

The park and activities are based on the series of books entitled The Adventures of Tug Boat Ben. As new park attractions are added you will need to find clues and other information by reading each book in the series. To help you get started, you’ll find a map of the Land of Alderney in the first book of the series Ben and the Mysterious Sound. It’s included in both the 6 and 12 month Park Pass Welcome Kit. Depending on the kit that you select there are some other special things that you could receive, like your personal CLUB CARD and COLLECTOR CLUB PIN.

Entertainment And Educational Content

In keeping with our interests to promote education, many of the games and activities within the park will involve math, spelling and reading skills. To help break the cycle of computer game addiction that has become a prevalent concern, players may require additional external resources to complete assignments do research and solve mysteries. The intent is to make site fun for boys and girls and allow them to select and advance to various levels of complexity and challenge that they fell comfortable with.

Theme Park Attractions

Captain Peter’s lighthouse is a must do. There is bookcase where they are going to plant secrets and clues and a game room upstairs and they’re building a slide all the way from the top back to the game room. Our club newspaper can tell you what’s new, what’s coming and you can even suggest what you would like to see added to the park. In keeping with our interests to promote education, additional sections will be added over time that will involve math, spelling and reading skill development. Remember, the more club members we have the faster we can build, so tell your friends to join.

Movie Theatre

We are developing two separate multimedia broadcast sections for our website, one inside and one outside the Theme Park. To assist us in generating the required capital to support the park, the content in our theatre outside the Main Gate may contain advertising commercials. However, it is our goal to keep the area inside the park as an “advertising free zone” for kids. It will therefore have the same content without commercials.

All registered club members with “General Admission” Theatre Ticket will have access to both theatres. Parents can set access permission independently for each member when registering or after through their profile page. All content will be developed or carefully screened to be suitable for children in harmony with our corporate programming mandate.


Check out our website to learn more about the Tug Boat Ben Kids Club and our Land of Alderney Theme Park. Some areas are for registered members only. To find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our club you may wish to look at our FAQ page. If you have a question that is not answered, please send it in an email to our Consumer Relations Department. They will try to answer your question.

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